Eggplant “Toast”

I had some eggplant leftover from the Skinny eggplant lasagne so I placed it on foil lined tray sprayed with cooking spray. then layer the eggplant strips flat. Topped with a sprinkle of each smoked sweet paprika, garlic powder, parsley flakes and grated lactose free cheese (Liddle’s). I am not normally a fan of eggplant but this was delicious and I will be making it again. It makes a great substitute for a healthy version of garlic bread without the carbs

Eggplant Toast serves 2

1 serve eggplant “toast” w iceberg, cherry tomato and mushrooms


Chicken & Sundried Tomato Casserole

I came across this combination a few years back and decided to do it as I had ingredients to use up. Hubby loved it. I just did 2 chicken breast fillets into cubes, 1 pouch of sundried tomatoes with oil, 4 mushrooms sliced, and 1 handful of cheese on top. Place all ingredients after cutting into oven proof dish and bake 180*C for 25 minutes. Place 1 large beet cut into 6 and 2 purple carrots cut lengthwise into 3 then 1Tb balsamic Vinegar into 2nd dish and place in oven at same time to cook as chicken.

chicken & sundried tomato w mushroom and cheese casserole served with baked balsamic beets and purple carrot

Organic Egg Muffins

I use to make these way before it was popular with paleo and keto diets. Make a batch and keep in air tight container. Grab one or two for breakfast or snack or lunch or dinner. For paleo AIP use AIP Vegetables. 

Organic egg muffins











Ingredients serves 6 muffins

2 organic free range eggs

2tb lactose free milk (*can omit this for paleo and add a 3rd egg)

1/4 green shallot diced

1/8 organic carrot diced

1/8 red capsicum diced

2 organic button mushrooms diced

Light pinch seasalt and pepper


Preheat oven 180*c

Beat eggs and milk together and pour evenly into silicon moulds inserted into muffin trays (*or spray muffin tin with cooking spray)

Chop remaining ingredients into a medium dice. Then evenly distribute amongst muffins .

Bake 20 minutes (they are done when you wabble tray and no liquid can be seen)

*use whatrver vegetables or meat eg bacon, mince,  deli meat, you need to use up.

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Paleo Slices/Museli

I have wanted to experiment with ingredients to get a paleo slice to take to events such as when I am rostered on supper or morning teas at church. Here are two I have done today. They all crumbled when I cut them so I have Now Called them a “Muesli” for hubbies breakfasts. as he has muesli every day 

Paleo Slice #1

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Pasta: Peri peri chicken

I had a pot luck lunch and dinner and wanted to take a warmed dish. I didn’t get to finish it in time,  so I only had the chicken cooked and vegetables done. So I  finished it off when I got home which we will have later this week.

Peri peri chicken pasta w tuscan vegetables

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Baking: bought mixes

I have found a great gluten-free brand which had great baked items that never fail. I made red velvet cupcakes last time. This time brownies.  Taste better than normal ones and would never know they are gluten free. Simply follow the directions on the back of the box.

Gluten-free Brownie