Vietnamese Rolls

I love these Vietnamese rolls and I make my own filling. Great for lunch or any meal of the day.

For this one I used Kalbi Marinade for the beef strips. Slice beef thinly with fillet knife then marinade for 30minutes or overnight. then cook in non stick skillet. I don’t add oil but if you want to add 1tsp before frying peanut or sesame oil. the rest is all fresh ingredients as listed.

Vietnamese Roll with Kalbi Beef, Lettuce, Kewpie mayo, julienne carrot, cucumber strips, red capsicum strips, bean sprouts, red chili, pickled ginger, fresh mint, green shallot batons, fresh coriander.

BBQ chicken w lettuce, carrot, bean sprouts, cucumber, kewpie mayo vietnamese bread roll

Vietnamese roll with cucumber carrot bbq chicken breast pickled ginger lettuce kewpie mayo

Sauces: Vietnamese

Here are some Vietnamese favourites I make

Pad kra paow Gai -(Gai = chicken)(pad=stirfry) – Holy basil seasoning paste, canola oil, chicken breast, serve with fried egg on top of steamed rice, w broccolini

Gai Ga Bap Gai – Chicken boiled in Salted water, Sauce: Ginger and fish sauce, sugar, lime juice and garlic on chicken the cook on grill. serve with carrot, wombok, kaffir lime leaf shredded, red onion, birdseye chili, fried shallot, Vietnamese mint and white pepper.

Bahn Mi Roll : Pickled carrot, daikon in white vinegar with salt and sugar, liver pate, pork marinated in hoisin, coriander, cucumber, Vietnamese bahn mi rolls

Lemongrass chicken, beef or pork: Oil, lemongrass, red onion, garlic, fish sauce, tamari, lime juice, brown sugar or palm sugar, curry powder, red Asian shallot, green shallot.

Vietnamese Dipping sauce #1: Water, sugar, fish sauce, apple cider vinegar, grated carrot, chili threads, garlic diced, tapioca, salt – cook in pot then cool down and put in jar with lid.

Vietnamese Dipping Sauce #2 : Water, palm sugar, birds eye chili, carrot, daikon, fish sauce, make a caramel add to it

Pork Salad (*Can sub pork for beef or chicken) with Carrot, Broccoli, celery, baby corn, mushrooms, bamboo shoot, choy sum, crispy egg noodles

Fish cakes – minced fish, rice flour or arrowroot, mint, garlic, basil, lemongrass, ginger make into patties and fry. serve with sweet chili sauce

Vermicelli rice paper rolls served with peanut sauce (Rice paper rolls, vermicelli, lemongrass beef, lettuce, carrot cucumber)

Chicken Salad with prawns, celery, carrot, wombok, dried onion, serve with peanuts and Vietnamese dressing #1 and kroop-ook

Satay sauce with chicken, pork, beef or king prawns, calamari, : for chicken, beef and pork or prawns add capsicum, celery, onion, carrot and peanuts or can be served for calamari with cauli, carrot, mushroom, baby corn, onion, wombok, capsicum and peanuts for seafood

Sweet n sour sauce with tomato, celery, cucumber, onion, carrot and pineapple

Cashew chicken with ginger, onion, broccoli, carrot, celery, mushroom, cabbage, baby corn, bamboo shoot with a  white garlic sauce

Hot pot – choy sum, carrot, onion, wombok, mushrooms mixed, bamboo shoots and option of seafood or tofu with vegetable stock or chicken stock


Vietnamese: pork salads

I love Vietnamese food and made these great salads for lunch but could be a dinner too.

Vietnamese pork salad w homemade nuoc cham & thai oyster sauce

I roasted cubes of pork shoulder in 180*c oven for 30minutes yesterday.  Then chopped the vegetables roughly same size. In airtight container.

Today i just had to serve it with 1-2Tb homemade nuoc cham sauce and 1tb thai oyster sauce . Simply place vegetables and pork on serving plate with thai oyster sauce drizzled over the top and microwave for 2 minutes.  Then dress salad with nuoc cham dressing, fresh mint, fresh coriander and crispy Asian noodles.

Vegetables used capsicum, baby corn, bok choy, carrot, green beans, broccoli, celery and mushrooms.

Lemongrass pork salad

Lemongrass marinade:

1Tb Soyu soy

1Tb Fish sauce

1 clove Garlic minced

1tsp Honey

Light pinch White pepper

1 Green shallot

Mix in pan add meat stir and cook on both sides. If you have  time marinate it for minimum 2hrs. I didnt have time today to marinade but it still worked and was delicious

Serve with Vietnamese salad

Red and green cabbage



Fresh coriander, mint and basil

Asian dried shallot

Optional crushed peanuts