Thai:Lemongrass chicken

Thai lemongrass chicken

Thai lemongrass Marinade #2

1tb Thai fish sauce

1tb organic Honey

1tb Tamari soy

Light pinch White pepper

1 Red chili

1tb Garlic

1tb Lemongrass

2tb Water

Serve with jasmine rice.

Use 1 cup raw jasmine rice to 2cups hot water

Marinate chicken (choose from boneless skinless breast, thighs or tenders) for 30 minutes in marinade.

Cook rice by absorption method in microwave. Then fluff with fork. Do not rince.

Remove chicken from marinade and cook in hot wok or frypan but reserve marinade. When chicken is almost cooked add vegetables and marinade back into pan. Stir fry for 2-3minutes.

Serve with jasmine rice.

Optional: serve with spring rolls and peanut dipping sauce

Sauces: Thai

Here is a quick run down of sauces I make for Thai Dishes.

Crying Tiger – see previous post

Pad Thai – birds eye red chili (remove seeds and membrane if you don’t like it hot), minced garlic, radish, salt, sugar, tamarind, sunflower Oil, shallot, palm sugar, tapioca flour, galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, shrimp paste, paprika, fish sauce, lime juice Serve with Bean Sprouts, Beaten Egg, Pad Thai Noodles, Peanuts. Prawns or Chicken.

Pad Sweet Chili – 1tb Sweet chili sauce, 1tb lite soy, 1tb thai fish sauce, 1 clove garlic, 1ts brown sugar, 500g chicken,1 green shallot, 1 red onion, 1 red capsicum, 1 punnet cherry tomato,`Tb fresh thai basil, serve with brown or jasmine rice

Pad See- Ew – my recipe coming soon

Thai Basil & Chili Stir Fry- 1 Thai basil and chili pouch and chicken breast as per directions on packet

Thai Curry – 2tb jungle curry paste (Sub sambal olek or sriarcha if you cant find it), 1red chili, 1Tb kaffir lime leaves, 1tb palm sugar, 1tb lemongrass, 2tb coriander leaves and stems, 1tb garlic, 1 onion, 1tb black peppercorns, add mixed Asian vegetables, chicken breast fillet and  serve with jasmine rice

Thai Red Curry – as per instructions on jar

Thai Green Curry – as per instructions on jar

Tom Yum Soup – my recipe coming soon

Massamum – my recipe coming soon

Thai bai Kaprow Gai – chicken, holy basil seasoning, pad thai sauce, bok choy, cashews, thai basil, lime juice serve with steamed jasmine rice

Kaeng pa Gai-

Kaeng pa Gai- Jungle curry paste, 1 Asian red shallot, 2 birds eye chili, 1 red long chili, 1TB galangal,1tb minced garlic, light pinch white pepper, 1tb red curry paste,1tsp  lemongrass,`/2 cube  palm sugar, 1tb thai fish sauce, 4 roots and coriander leaves, 1/4 cup water, add 500g chicken breast fillet and 1 cup baby corn spears serve with steamed brown or jasmine rice.

Thai: Pad Thai Khoon

Pad thai khoon.  khoon is short for prawns. Here is a homemade pad Thai dish that hubby and I cooked together. I added extra vegetables than what is normal.

Pad thai khoon











Ingredients serves 4

1 packet pad thai noodles (thick)

2Tb Pad Thai Sauce

1Tb Thai Fish sauce

8 large king prawns

1 carrot sliced on diagonal

1 Green shallot sliced on diagonal

1 organic free range egg


Soak noodles in hot water until translucent.

Slice carrot and green shallot on diagonal

In wok or large frypàn àdd drained noodles, remaining ingredients except egg. Stir fry so sauce coats vegetables and noodles. Add a little water 1Tb at a time if need more sauce. Make a well in the middle and crack the egg then atir egg break yolk and stir into noodles