Thai: Pad Thai Gai

Pad Thai sauce in a jar and followed the recipe on side of jar. I omitted the egg, peanuts as I didn’t have any. I used BBQ chicken not prawns.  

Pad Thai gai

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Cook with hubby

Kealan curry fish with mixed veg and rice

Taylors spice keralan curry packet

Basa fillet





and cooked rice

Keralan curry fish


Thai: Pad Thai Khoon

Pad thai khoon.  khoon is short for prawns. Here is a homemade pad Thai dish that hubby and I cooked together. I added extra vegetables than what is normal.

Pad thai khoon











Ingredients serves 4

1 packet pad thai noodles (thick)

2Tb Pad Thai Sauce

1Tb Thai Fish sauce

8 large king prawns

1 carrot sliced on diagonal

1 Green shallot sliced on diagonal

1 organic free range egg


Soak noodles in hot water until translucent.

Slice carrot and green shallot on diagonal

In wok or large frypàn àdd drained noodles, remaining ingredients except egg. Stir fry so sauce coats vegetables and noodles. Add a little water 1Tb at a time if need more sauce. Make a well in the middle and crack the egg then atir egg break yolk and stir into noodles