Homemade teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki sauce homemade w minced beef carrot onion celery served with steamed rice











Green Shallot,

Red Capsicum


Sesame Seeds,

Snow Peas.



Teriyaki Sauce: 

1-2 cloves Garlic minced

2Tb Water

1Tb Brown Sugar

1TB Gluten-Free Tamari Soy

1Tb Tomato Paste Salt Reduced

1tsp Gluten Free Corn Flour in 1Tb warm water for slurry

Light Pinch  of each Sea-Salt and White Pepper

2Tb Mirin

1Tb Minced Ginger

2Tb White Wine Vinegar

1tsp Sesame Oil

Mix together in saucepan until sugar caramelised and sauce is combined.

Old recipes of mine
















I will havr to find my recipe for this as i now get the Takeaway version which comes on a stick i buy them for a quick filler for lunch at $2.50 fills you up.

Japanese Bento Box

I love Bento Boxes and have made my own in the past. This one is my latest and divine chicken. Sooo good. I finally found the Gochujang Paste in Woolworths today. (Korean chili paste= Gochujang and it can come hot or very hot depending on the brand) so I marinated the chicken thigh fillet in 1Tb Japanese Soyu Soy and 1tsp Gochujang paste then cooked in non stick pan on both sides until chicken was cooked. Jasmine rice cooked by absorption method. Serve with Pickled ginger, green shallots, carrots, sriarcha sauce, mushrooms, nori sheet.

Bento Box 2018 – Gochujang soyu chicken