Soup: Indonesian: Apor White Curry

A cold day and this dish took me straight back to my home from 40 yrs ago. I am pretty sure mum use to make this as she cooked Indonesian dishes over the years.

As the lovely spices were added to the pot it brought comfort food to a new level, the aromas, the taste just divine. I found the spice paste in a Asian supermarket and all you add is chicken, coconut milk and water. So easy as it’s just boiled chicken then low simmer with spice paste and coconut milk. I served mine w basmati rice but it truely didn’t need it. I used a powdered coconut milk sachet which didn’t mix properly but it was still a great dish.

2nd time I made this no lumps as I used raw c coconut milk

Apor chicken soup

Apor white curry

Indonesian Banquet #1

Indonesian Feast with Sate Chicken, Kuah Sate Sauce, Sambal Olek (hot chili), Selada Indonesian, Nasi Goreng (fried rice),   Red peanuts, bakwan sayur ( vegetable fritters). Chicken sate skewers were cooked on electric BBQ. (Chicken seasoned with black pepper and sea-salt then basted during cooking on both sides with sesame oil and kepjap manis). Bakwan sayur recipe was from Pinterest.

indonesian feast #3

See previous posts for recipes.

Indonesian Feast #3 kuah sate #2, salade Indonesia, sambal olek

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Indonesian Sate: Kuah Sate #2

Sate is common in Indonesia but is poured after the sate has been arranged on a dish or is served in individual small bowls , one for each person who then dips the skewer of sate in the bowl before eating it. This is my adapted version of the Kuah Sate #2 Spiced Peanut Sauce (*it is not the original recipe so I have adapted it to what I had available which is very close to original)

Kuah Sate#2

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Indonesian Sides: Selada Indonesia

Indonesian Salad comes in various dishes but this one is my adapted one from a  traditional salad from a traditional Indonesian cookbook with ingredients I had available at the time. As the original recipe is subject to copyright I cant post it. Here is my version of the recipe as  I swapped out the potato for cauliflower, coconut milk with desiccated coconut and coconut water. I didn’t add the cooked egg omelette strips.

Selada Indonesian

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Indonesian side

Indonesian Urap Urap is mixed vegetables in garli, ginger, Chili, shrimp paste and toasted coconut with onion. Here I used cauliflower, green beans, zucchini.

Indonesian urap


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Indonesian Meal#1: ayam soya

Indonesian chicken with ketjap manis which is the Indonesian Sweet soy sauce, garlic,ginger, onion, clove,nutmeg,lemon juice, chicken bone broth. I cooked this all together in the pressure cooker on the chicken setting which cooked in 15minutes. Add cooked basmati rice and vegepod fresh baby spinach

Ayam Soya


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