Peacock Palace I ordered and picked up for Dinner. Chose from entree chicken skewers with satay sauce and dinner main garlic king prawn. They have a new look menu. Entree serve seems a lot smaller but main was full of king prawns. I got 4 serves from each dish. See below.

Peacock Palace


At home I added more Chinese stir-fry vegetables and rice and yum cha to make 2 extra meals for 2 serves There was enough satay sauce for a 2nd meal so I cooked more chicken and stir fry vegetables to make a 2nd serve.  Continue reading

Chinese Banquet #3

cooking Chinese at home has been a part of my cooking since I was 12. Now I bake yum cha with cooking spray in oven for 20 minutes. I make vegetable dishes and sauces. Steamed rice to add to the meal cooked by absorption method in microwave for 10 minutes.

This banquet includes yum cha with 2 dipping sauces hoisin and Thai oyster, sweet n sour meatballs, braised vegetables in oyster sauce with galangal, sesame oil, gluten-free  cornflour slurry.

Chinese banquet #3

Yum cha

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Chinese: Sweet n Sour Sauce

I decided to make my own sauce from scratch and love it. Tastes like the real deal. I didn’t have pineapple juice so it would make it a little better if I did. None the less this one is very close to traditional Chinese dishes.

Chinese Sweet n Sour Sauce

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Yum cha baked

Preheat oven 180*c Place on lined tray spray with cooking spray bake for 20min.serve with Thai oyster sauce or sweet Chili sauce or Tamari

Yum Cha with Thai oyster sauce

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orange chicken

Orange chicken was a recipe I have been meaning to cook for a,while but I didn’t have a recipe for it. I looked up the recipe on Pinterest and I didn’t have ingredients so I substituted it for what I had.

Orange chicken










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Leftovers sweet n sour pork.

See my Chinese banquet for the recipe.

We made enough for 3 meals so we didn’t have to cook each night.

Simple reheat in microwave for 2 minutes and dinner was done.

Sweet n sour pork

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