Yum cha baked

Preheat oven 180*c Place on lined tray spray with cooking spray bake for 20min.serve with Thai oyster sauce or sweet Chili sauce or Tamari

Yum Cha with Thai oyster sauce

orange chicken

Orange chicken was a recipe I have been meaning to cook for a,while but I didn’t have a recipe for it. I looked up the recipe on Pinterest and I didn’t have ingredients so I substituted it for what I had.

Orange chicken










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Thai: Pad Thai Gai

Pad Thai sauce in a jar and followed the recipe on side of jar. I omitted the egg, peanuts as I didn’t have any. I used BBQ chicken not prawns.  

Pad Thai gai

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Leftovers sweet n sour pork.

See my Chinese banquet for the recipe.

We made enough for 3 meals so we didn’t have to cook each night.

Simple reheat in microwave for 2 minutes and dinner was done.

Sweet n sour pork

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Indonesian: Apor White Curry

A cold day and this dish took me straight back to my home from 40 yrs ago. I am pretty sure mum use to make this as she cooked Indonesian dishes over the years.

As the lovely spices were added to the pot it brought comfort food to a new level, the aromas, the taste just divine. I found the spice paste in a Asian supermarket and all you add is chicken, coconut milk and water. So easy as it’s just boiled chicken then low simmer with spice paste and coconut milk. I served mine w basmati rice but it truely didn’t need it. I used a powdered coconut milk sachet which didn’t mix properly but it was still a great dish.

Apor white curry

Chinese: Banquet #2

Australian Women’s Weekly Chinese Cookbook recipes ; sweet n sour pork, honey prawns (batter didn’t work), Fried Rice.

I personally have made better using different recipes of own in the past. Tonight even my fails were edible.

Chinese banquet #2

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