Homemade Peking Duck

I didn’t do the normal drying with fan step as It wasn’t a full duck and it  was still a tasty duck dish regardless. I did mine in stages in fridge which dried the skin out in a container with cling film over top. Not traditional but when in a hurry to do it was a good outcome.

Homemade peking duck and fried rice

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Asian Greens

I added the Asian greens to pan after cooking the honey soy sesame chicken. Tossed 1 handful vegepod Asian greens, 3baby bok choy

Soups: Thai Tom Yam

Cold night and wanted soup that was healthy. I found Tom Yam Soup Paste that was low in salt for Thai food. Hot chili hit for the dish would be too hot for those who don’t like chili but we do. I used turkey breast fillets instead of prawns and followed the list of ingredients on packet . It simply all goes into a pot and cook until meat is cooked. (Had to add Mushrooms, Green Shallot, Fish Sauce, mushrooms, chili, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf) Cooked on stove in pot.

Tom Yam Soup

Panang Chicken

Panang Chicken to use up the paste I bought. Simply chicken, paste, vegetables and organic coconut milk and dish is ready when chicken is cooked through. Serve with steamed jasmine rice.

Penang chicken and steamed rice

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Lettuce Wraps:Bento Soy Minced Beef

Bento Soy is a Japanese soy which I don’t use very often but wanted to team it with mushrooms and minced beef. So here is the lovely combinations. Not many flavours to contend with but worked well. Loved this one and so did hubby. Will be making it again. Its a lettuce wrap or san choi bau type dish but with Japanese flavours instead of Chinese.

Bento Soy, grassfed beef mince lettuce wraps

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