Our staples have had to change a bit but here’s what we have at moment for the next month trying to stretch to 6 weeks

  • Fruit: fruit cups, apples, bananas
  • Fermented: kimchi, pickled ginger
  • Drinks: kombucher, coconut water, cranberry juice, herbal  teas, coffee
  • Vegetables fresh : carrot  onion celery tomato lettuce garlic cabbage mushroom cucumber radish sweet potato lemon limes
  • Vegepod; capsicum,  wombok, green shallot, basil, mint, lettuce, cucumbers (just planted)
  • Freezer veg: cauli rice , mash potato, srir fry,  carrot, organic peas, beans, Brussels sprouts
  • Lite Ham, cheese, eggs, bacon, butter
  • Bread, english muffin, pizza bases, wraps, konjac noodles/rice/lasagne sheets
  • Sauces asian, bbq, tomato, organic tomato paste, vinegars, stock, bone broth and miso paste
  • Tins organic: beans red/white/black, tomato, spaghetti,  baked beans
  • Longlife lactose free milk
  • Gluten free Noodles/vermicelli
  • Cous cous
  • Organic breadcrumbs and panko
  • Rice paper rolls/nori sheets
  • Organic oats
  • Freezer: chicken, steak, pork ribs, sausage, mince, turkey roast,  fish, salmon, prawns, fresh herbs i froze to keep longer, citrus peel froze to add to rice or soups, bananas sliced  lay flat in ziplock bags ready to use for breakfasts
  • Soups: tomato, pho stock, miso, bone broth
  • Premium salada cracker, rice crackers
  • Nuts: walnuts, brazil, pecan, almonds, macadamias

So stay tuned for meals coming in next few weeks as i get creative with meals.

We are having trying to stick to

Breakfast whatever needs to be used up first

Lunches salad one day soup the next for or burger or pizza to mix it up.

Dinners  are vegetables w meat/fish/poultry with homemade sauces .


  • fruit cup organic or fresh fruit
  • crudites or dip/salsa/dipping sauce homemade & crackers/cracker w cheese
  • Soup or side salad

It might sound alot but for past 6 weeks we have been doing the fast 800 diet s o its helped restrict our daily calories to 800 most days to 900-1000 if really hungry. We have both lost kgs which will also benefit us from other health problems non related to current coronavirus.

2020 Meals and Recipes by Cook with Barb

Welcome to a New Year.

New Recipes and Ideas are coming soon.

I will continue to post daily. Recipes are in various Categories for examples salads, curries, fish. Some may overlap and be found in two categories.

Each year I clear my boards to make way for the new year. So please be patient with me as I do this. All Photos of my meals are all at my pinterest boards from the previous year.

I will endeavour to write the recipes on this blog again. If you have cooked a recipe of mine,  I would love your feedback via the comments section under each post on how you went.

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