• Empty your pantry – organise the items by their useby date – oldest items at the front and items you just purchased at back when restocking
  • Do same with freezer and fridge
  • Plan menu
  • fast meal prep ahead – group ingredient together for a meal – eg chop up fresh Vegetables and put into ziplock bag separately with meat in separate ziplock bag then place together in a container and label the meal and what needs to be added- cook and cool and put into lid tight container in fridge for rice/pasta/couscous. simple reheat when cooking rest.
  • Breakfast (oats/yogurt and berries/eggs) or mason salad jars can be made ahead for the week in fridge
  • Soups /slow cook meals/casseroles/roasts can all be made ahead and stored in takeout containers w lids
  • English Muffin  breakfast cover with baking paper then put in zip lock bags and freeze for days ahead eg bacon and egg, ham and cheese etc then reheat in sandwich press or Microwave o n a microwave plate for 30sec-1min.
  • Make dinner at start of day then reheat at dinner at 3min microwave
  • Wraps/rice paper rolls if you dont have bread or just make it on a plate without wrap/bread

Monday’s Menu


Toasted Sandwhich lite ham, lactose free cheese and tomato

Morning tea

1/2 Banana, 1/2 apple


Bacon w avocado, cherry tomato, lettuce, turkey, apple, ranch


Love my earth organic butter chicken with konjac rice and served with vegepod wombok

Side : Mint, lactose free yogurt with cucumber

Sunday’s menu


Bacon, mushroom, onion, garlic, English Muffin


Lettuce cups, using up leftover vegetables, garlic, tomato sauce, bone broth

Afternoon tea

Snack plate gherkin, cherry tomatoes, lite ham, cheese, salada crackers


Deconstructed bahn mi- slow cooker pork ribs in bbq sauce, Vermicelli, pickled carrot and radish, cucumber, pickled ginger, mixed leaves, kewpie, coriander, mint, sriarcha

Fridays menu


Mixed leaves, bacon, lite french dressing, free range egg served w toast spread logical, matcha tea


I made this

into this

Fresh spring roll with kaleslaw and plumb dipping sauce with tuna on the side


Lemon curry Sauce: lemon juice, organic garlic, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic parsley, capers, dijon, keens curry powder, gluten free cornflour slurry

Steamed basa with steamed broccolini and sweet potato with lemon curry sauce serve with lemon wedge


Mashed sweet potato 193cal

Serves 2

1/2 cup cubed sweet potato

1/2 Apple

2 organic carrot sliced on diagonal

1/8  tsp cinnamon

1tsp honey

1/2 tsp fresh lemon juice

2tsp chopped fresh chives


Steam sweet potato , apple, carrot microwave for 4- 6min

Add to pan with remaining ingredients and mix

Mash with ricer.


Bok choy and shitaki mushroom 117cal

3 baby bok choy cut in half lengthwise

85g shitaki mushroom caps halved

2 shallots sliced on diagonal

1tsp organic ginger

1tsp rice wine vinegar


Cook bok choy for 5 minutes in non stick skillet

Add remaining ingredients  except vinegar and stirfry for 5min

Remove from the heat add vinegar


Roast Vegetables

Roast Vegetables  of your choice

Olive oil



Sea salt

Black pepper

For Italian replace rosemary with oregano or italian herbs

180*c 20-40min


Our staples have had to change a bit but here’s what we have at moment for the next month trying to stretch to 6 weeks

  • Fruit: fruit cups, apples, bananas
  • Fermented: kimchi, pickled ginger
  • Drinks: kombucher, coconut water, cranberry juice, herbal  teas, coffee
  • Vegetables fresh : carrot  onion celery tomato lettuce garlic cabbage mushroom cucumber radish sweet potato lemon limes
  • Vegepod; capsicum,  wombok, green shallot, basil, mint, lettuce, cucumbers (just planted)
  • Freezer veg: cauli rice , mash potato, srir fry,  carrot, organic peas, beans, Brussels sprouts
  • Lite Ham, cheese, eggs, bacon, butter
  • Bread, english muffin, pizza bases, wraps, konjac noodles/rice/lasagne sheets
  • Sauces asian, bbq, tomato, organic tomato paste, vinegars, stock, bone broth and miso paste
  • Tins organic: beans red/white/black, tomato, spaghetti,  baked beans
  • Longlife lactose free milk
  • Gluten free Noodles/vermicelli
  • Cous cous
  • Organic breadcrumbs and panko
  • Rice paper rolls/nori sheets
  • Organic oats
  • Freezer: chicken, steak, pork ribs, sausage, mince, turkey roast,  fish, salmon, prawns, fresh herbs i froze to keep longer, citrus peel froze to add to rice or soups, bananas sliced  lay flat in ziplock bags ready to use for breakfasts
  • Soups: tomato, pho stock, miso, bone broth
  • Premium salada cracker, rice crackers
  • Nuts: walnuts, brazil, pecan, almonds, macadamias

So stay tuned for meals coming in next few weeks as i get creative with meals.

We are having trying to stick to

Breakfast whatever needs to be used up first

Lunches salad one day soup the next for or burger or pizza to mix it up.

Dinners  are vegetables w meat/fish/poultry with homemade sauces .


  • fruit cup organic or fresh fruit
  • crudites or dip/salsa/dipping sauce homemade & crackers/cracker w cheese
  • Soup or side salad

It might sound alot but for past 6 weeks we have been doing the fast 800 diet s o its helped restrict our daily calories to 800 most days to 900-1000 if really hungry. We have both lost kgs which will also benefit us from other health problems non related to current coronavirus.

Whats in your freezer?

As its harder to get items at the moment and i do normally do this once a month even without covid-19 isolation….i hav e a look see whats the oldest in freezer use it up first. Just off top of my head….

Steak or Chicken you match with

  • potato,
  • salad or any steamed vegetables (cauli, broccoli,  Brussels sprouts, zucchini, carrot, green beans, peas, corn)
  • curry pastes,
  • Fresh onion, tomato, mushroom, celery, garlic, ginger
  • salad dressings,
  • Asian/pasta sauces, gravy, bbq or tomato sauces
  • Rice, pasta, Cous cous, polenta
  • Pizza, wraps, sandwiches or burgers
  • Soups w noodles and vegetables  or beans or pasta


  • Salads
  • Chili, garlic, shallot/onion
  • Asian stirfry
  • Tomato, mushroom,
  • Lemon, lime
  • capers and lemon w parsley and butter
  • Coriander or parsley in garlic and  stock
  • Curry or white or tomato base sauces,
  • Rice/quinoa
  • Vermicelli
  • Kimchi
  • Pickled ginger
  • Sweet chili sauce, soy, oyster sauce, miso, teriyaki, garlic or ginger sauces, hoisin, honey
  • Soups
  • Prawn or Fish curries


  • Cranberry sauce
  • Instead of beef mince use turkey mince eg tacos, fajitas, san choi bau, bolognaise


  • apple or mint sauce
  • Slaw
  • Potato, steamed greens,
  • Sage butter
  • Asian sauces Plumb, sweet n sour,

Rissoles /mince/sausages

  • Vegetables you need to use up
  • Pasta/rice/mash
  • gravy
  • Mexican/italian sauces
  • Salad

Substitutes if you run short

Coconut milk/cream can be sub with milk or coconut water or water

Eggs with chia seeds

Pizza bases can be made with flour and yogurt no yeast needed or sweet potato mashed or cauliflower mash as bases

Stock with herbs or lemon juice and herbs for sauces or butter and herbs

Mash can be carrot, cauli, potato, sweet potato, swede, parsnip, peas

Beetroot can be blitz to make a dip

Soups can be made with stock and vegetables with herbs or tins of beans

Meat free meal once a week eg on a Monday

If you have main  dinner  with meat/seafood/poultry then lunch can be soups or salads, breakfasts anything you need to use up, toast, english muffins, cereal or museli or salads or salads,  toasted sandwich or soup or baked beans/spaghetti or eggs, bacon, sausage, vegetables cooked eg mushroom, tomato, kale, spinach with garlic, onion