Sauces: Homemade

As I cleared out fridge of any bought sauces I wanted to make some of my own I haven’t tried before. I also made another batch of the mint sauce I made last year.

My Creamy Fennel Mustard Recipe is Soo Good! Great for BBQ  with Sausages/Steak/Chicken or even Fish or when you want a salad dressing that’s not the normal mayo. No cream involved. Definitely making this one again.

My Basil Pesto Recipe worked out rather well. I don’t add parmesan to mine but a lot of recipes for basil pesto do include it so it is up to the individual taste. I personally don’t think it needs it.

The Chimichurri Recipe from Coles free magazine. Had this one with Steak. Neither hubby nor I liked it.
My Mint Sauce Recipe will be a favourite. See previous posts for recipe.

Creamy fennel mustard

Basil pesto


Mint Sauce #1






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Steak and seafood

I wanted to do steak and chimichurri sauce i made. I didn’t really like the sauce but when i team it with the rest of the plate it was ok. This plate was 2 serves for me. i could only eat half and kept rest for another meal. (The chips fish cocktail and sea shanty with aIoli for me is 1 meal in itself). Hubby ate the lot in one go.

Chimichurri & pan fried steak, baked in oven chips, sea shantie and fish cocktail baked in oven, yummis gluten-free aioli, oroaric without ham, baby pink kraut


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Homemade mint sauce

I grew the mint myself. To make sauce place 6-8 capfuls of apple cider vinegar  (mothers earth) with 2tsp raw sugar and 4tsp brown sugar and simmer until sugar dissolves. Allow it to cool off the heat. Tear mint leaves off stems and place in jar. Add cooled vinegar to mint and put lid on jar and shake well. Keep in fridge. Goes great with lamb or pork or turkey.

Homemade Mint Sauce

New Years Day Breakfast

I use to watch cooking shows and they had this combo for breakfast. Here is my version. Great filling breakfast to keep you going until lunch time. A nice combination of flavours.

Mac n Cheese, Baked Beans, Gluten Free Sausages

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Fish cocktails not fried

Fish Cocktails, Sea Shanties and Chips are all cooked in the oven rather than saturated in oil in a deep fryer gives the same result without added fat. Yes they take a little longer to cook but has same great taste.  Team with tartare sauce or lemon wedges and garden salad or on their own with tartare/lemon.

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Steamed chicken dinner

Mum use to do a Sunday roast chicken dinner when I was living at home. It had mashed potato with gravy and seasonal vegetables. This to me is comfort food. I have done my own healthier version without roasting the chicken. It is steamed in microwave steamer as well as the vegetables

Steamed chicken dinner

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Pan fried Breakfast

Hot breakfast without the grease and healthier ingredients.

Pan frying in non stick skillet using cooking spray is a healthier option than traditionally frying in oil for the same type of English breakfast.

Makes this breakfast a good option .

Gluten Free Sausages, Organic Free Range Egg, Tomato, Mushrooms & Tomato Sauce

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