2017-febI first started food blogging 3 years ago as a way to track my food diary but with photos of meals I had.




My previous Blog was called http://barbsrecipestocreate.wordpress.com and I am in the process of updating old recipes


Friends started asking for recipes so this is how this blog began. All recipes are my original recipes unless stated otherwise. I do not copyright other peoples recipes but will give a list of where the recipe comes from if not my own. All photos are my own.

July 2016 I was given a vegepod for my birthday to grow my own vegetables and herbs. I am no green thumb but the vegepod gives me success. They can be purchased online at http://vegepod.com.au or through Bunnings. They are self watering wicker system with sprinkler so you just attached the hose when watering.  They have 3 sizes available with cover included. I have the larger one. Frost cover are also available if you have frost/snow.

I have tried so many diets over the past 25 yrs that I lost count from weight watchers, Flat Belly diet, Biggest Loser, CSIRO, Simply Too Good To Be True cookbooks, Michelle Bridges 12wbt, Aitkin’s, Optifast, First Place 4 Health, Diabetic Menu Plans, Mediterranean Diet, Warfarin Friendly, Heart Friendly,  Autoimmune Night Shade free & Paleo and although I lost weight on most the weight came back the minute you stopped all bar the paleo diet.

So I decided to make my own healthy meals based on the principles I have learnt from all these combined diets. Eating healthy food in proper portion sizes and incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables (organic if I can afford it), lean meat fish salmon tuna prawns, poultry, turkey, kangaroo , with nuts, heart active milk which reduces cholesterol and proactive margarine,  limited wholegrain pasta or brown rice, sour dough wraps if I feel like carbs.

I am a qualified caterer but do not work so I have been trained how to make my own sauces from scratch and nutrition for various diseases.

I volunteer for church cooking events such as kids club, pot luck lunches, bible study dinners and in previous years m.o.p.s group and first  place 4 health retreats

I was a networking leader from 2000-2009 for First Place 4 Health both online and locally teaching the program and helping set up groups, and was keynote speaker for retreats. First Place 4 Health Ministry is a Christian weight loss/total health plan which includes spiritual mental emotional and  physical health putting God first in every area including what we eat and exercise as well as mental and emotional health care.  The program runs 12 week sessions including daily bible study, memory verse , prayer, bible reading, encouraging others, food live-it plan, food tracker, exercise (flexibility and strength with cardio exercises), weekly attendance. groups are run online or locally with networking leaders using a leaders kit and members purchase a members kit and the sessions bible study book (which includes memory verses set to music on cd and memory verse cards,12 weeks live it tracker, food plan with recipes and shopping list, weight and exercise trackers). We learn that food is just food.  You eat to live, not live to eat by doing the next right thing.

I became very ill in 2006 which changed life as i knew it. I was then put on other food plans from different specialists.

In 2016 I discovered the Paleo way of eating and though I didn’t do it 100% I did feel a lot better when eating this way.

In 2017 My circumstances changed so I was unable to continue with buying organic vegetables and that is why I started the vegepod project.

The recipes I now make in 2017 are not based on any 1 diet rather than eating healthy for life. Some of you know my recipes from the past I never bought sauces I made my own. Since changes in circumstances I have started to get things on sale at the supermarket to save time and $ but when I get back on my feet I will be reverting back to my own sauces made from scratch.  I have also started to have more rice and pasta meals than I am normally use to. But as the year progresses this will also be reverted back to not having as many carb because my body does suffer.

So lots of changes happening in 2017. Old recipes were deleted to make room for newer meals. Photos of past meals are on my Pinterest boards.

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