I first started food blogging 4 years ago as a way to track my food diary but with photos of meals I had consumed.  Friends started asking for recipes so this is how this blog began. It was a place to share my recipes. All recipes are my original recipes unless stated otherwise.

I do not copyright other peoples recipes but will do a my own photo of the meal I made, if I use other peoples recipes. You wont get the recipe but if there is a link online I will include it but most come from my collection of cookbooks purchased or programs I am doing at that time.

2016 I was given a vegepod  to grow my own vegetables and herbs. I am no green thumb but the vegepod gives me success. (They can be purchased online at http://vegepod.com.au or through Bunnings.) They are self watering wicker system with sprinkler so you just attached the hose when watering.  They have 3 sizes available with cover included. I have the larger one. Frost cover are also available if you have frost/snow. If you go on vacation water the pod before you leave and when you return it will have new growth.

I have tried so many diets over the past 25 yrs that I lost count from and although I lost weight on most the weight came back the minute you stopped.

So I decided to make my own healthy meals based on the principles I have learnt from all these combined diets. Eating healthy food in proper portion sizes and incorporating fresh fruit and vegetables (organic if I can afford it), lean meat, fish, salmon, tuna, prawns, poultry, turkey, kangaroo ,  nuts, heart active milk which reduces cholesterol and proactive margarine,  limited wholegrain pasta or brown rice, sour dough wraps if I feel like carbs.

I make sauces and seasonings from ingredients in my pantry and spice racks.

I volunteer for church cooking events such as kids club, pot luck meals, Group dinners, Soup Sunday, Special events and in previous years, retreats and camp cook from 15-100+ people.

I have had to learn that food is just food.  You eat to live, not live to eat. It’s about correct serving portion sizes to get the best nutrition into your body combined by exercise.

I became very ill for 11 years which changed life as i knew it. I was then put on other food plans from different specialists but the weight still was a battle combined with medications I am on. In 2016 I discovered the Paleo way of eating and though I didn’t do it 100% I did feel a lot better when eating this way and lost some kg along the way.  In 2017  I started to get serious and  grow my own salad and vegetables and herbs in the vegepod . Knowing where your food comes from and knowing I haven’t added chemicals or artificial things to soil has been life changing for me.

The recipes I now make are not based on any 1 diet rather than eating healthy for life. Some of you know my recipes from the past and I never bought sauces I made my own. I have inflammation issues which if I have certain foods cause a reaction that isn’t pleasant to live with. So I know now what my body can handle. Each individual is different so take that into consideration. If you want to add carbs or dairy to my recipes do so.

Old recipes will be deleted to make room for newer meals.

In 2018 I am clearing off my blogs to start a fresh. I will continue to show all meals in photos on my Pinterest boards. My bulk catering recipes can be found at  cookwithbarb.com and my blog at https://barbsrecipestocreateblog.wordpress.com is for fancy plating meals I get creative with and banquets coming soon.

Thanks for stopping by and come back to visit soon.

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