I first started food blogging 5 years ago as a way to track my food diary but with photos of meals I had consumed.  Friends started asking for recipes so this is how this blog began. It was a place to share my recipes. All recipes are my own and so are the photos I post on this blog. I also include reviews of meals I have had out and about when traveling or date nights along with my own photos of the meals I have had.

https://nothomecookedblog.wordpress.com/ will be featuring my writings in 2019 and will no longer be a food review of places eaten out. They will be included on the cookwithbarb.com blog. In 2018-2019 I will be adding other things to the site such as devotionals written by me. I may also include travel photos of places hubby and I have visited on short trips as we have been spoilt by God’s creation in this beautiful country we live in.

I am a Christian, and I  do believe in God and have a daily personal relationship with him and have learnt over the last 41 years,  that without him I can do nothing.

From  2000-2009 I  was a leader and Networking leader, Keynote speaker for Australian retreats of the first place 4 health program,  which is a Christian based weight loss program based in USA,  that combines Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health on a daily basis. It includes eating healthy in correct portion sizes, exercise, spiritual development through bible reading, prayer, daily quiet time, bible study and scripture memory verses,  encouraging others, keeping a food diary (hence how this site began it was my food diary with pictures) and attending either local or online group for support. At present in Australia there are no longer any groups but I am still doing these things daily for my own health and well being.  So why am I telling you all this? I believe that we need to seek God first in all areas which includes physical health just as much as Emotional and Mental and Spiritual.  I will be including devotionals I have written on this blog along with things I have learnt in leading groups in the last 10 yrs, in addition to my recipes and photos.

Thanks for stopping by and come back to visit soon.

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