Meals this fortnight

Got some meals cooked includes this week and for over the next two weeks

Week 1

The fast 800 peppered pork stirfry

The fast 800 recipe book cottage pie

The fast 800 recipe book broccoli and blue cheese soup

The fast 800 recipe book speedy tomato soup

Photos not done yet

  • Fast 800 Beef Rendang
  • Loaded potato bake w panfried chicken
  • Mums Oroaric and paprika turkey

Week 2

  • Butter chicken w raita
  • Vindaloo Beef with organic basmati rice
  • Chinese chicken and bean sprouts  with konjac rice
  • Fried rice
  • Curry prawns
  • Lemon butter konjac pasta w fish
  • Lemon butter sauce for mixed vegetables and steak