Cook with Barb Housemade salad

Cook with Barb Housemade salad #1 with dressing #1

Cook with Barb Housemade salad #1

Ingredients serves 1

1 handful organic mixed leaves

1/4 large organic carrot grated

2 slices red onion

2 baby heirloom tomatoes sliced into quarter

1/16 sliced purple cabbage

1/2 slice toasted sourdough bread then cubed

1tsp grated lactose free cheese

1 serve housemade dressing #1


Make housemade dressing #1

Slice, grate, cut ingredient as listed

Toast bread cut into cubes

Mix all ingredient together in bowl except dressing

Place mixed salad on plate

Serve dressing on side in ramekin

Can also be a salad in a jar with layering from bottom up :dressing on bottom, carrot, red cabbage , tomato ,croutons mixed leaves, red onion, cheese

Salad in a jar #2