Soup #27

My recipe was Inspired by almost instant noodle soup recipe in the fast 800recipe book.

My version 109 calories and slightly different ingredient and I  put it in a takeout soup container with lid rather than a jar and seasoning in separate container so hubby can take to work, then he just has to add his hot water and lunch is done.

Noodles with miso soup

#27 Noodle soup with miso

Ingredients serves 1

1/2 packet slendier konjac fettucine

1 miso paste pouch

1tb organic ginger

1tb dark soy

1/2 green shallot sliced on diagonal

1 Portobello mushrooms sliced

1 handful fresh baby spinach chopped

1 handffresh coriander

1 cup boiling water

Option to add 1/4 ts red chili flakes


Chop ingredient as listed

Drain fettucine under hot water in sieve

Place mushroom then noodles with remaining ingredients in a microwave bowl  and cover with lid for 4minutes. The boiling water should soften the vegetables but If not hot enough from boiling water microwave for 2 minutes more.