Chinese new year

They use red table setting for prosperity and good fortune. They don’t wear black  or white as they are for mourning colours. So bride is usually in red at weddings.

Foods to serve for chinese New year

  • Lettuce and asian green vegetables is for wealth and prosperity
  • Whole chicken means family is together
  • Whole fish for abundance
  • Dumplings increased wealth for the coming year
  • Rice cake (nian gao) starts the year with higher prosperity than the previous year
  • Noodles are kept long  not cut symbolic of long life
  • Tangerine, oranges, Dragon fruit means health and good luck
  • Prawns represent happiness and good fortune
  • Spring rolls symbolise wealth similar to a gold bar
  • Rice means fertility and luck.
  • Sweets/candy/dessert is a sweet life
  • Hot Pot (is a soup with meat, dumpling, vegetables, seafood, noodles and broth) family and friends gather around the hot pot.