Week 1 Breakfasts

Breakfasts for me are not the normal cereal and toast as I cant digest them first thing of the morning. I also have recently found if I have protein in the morning I go a lot longer during the day until lunch without needing snacks between meals.

Day 1: Runny Egg & Bacon Muffin.
Day 2: Steamed Chicken Tenderloins with Panache of Vegetables & Lite Supreme Gravy
Day 3: egg lettuce mayo muffin
Day 4: organic baked beans, bacon, mushroom, onion, bbq sauce, sandwhich thins
Day 5: Same as day 4 for the beans mix, 1/2 English muffin toasted
Day 6: Turkey Bacon, omelette with mixed leaves, cherry tomato, garlic mayo
Day 7 spaghetti