Recipe lebanese inspired

I am using turkey breast strips instead of chicken for marinated skewers. Served with homemade tabouli minus the buckwheat, oven baked chips with garlic sauce, pickled cucumber and spinach and herb wraps.


Organic yogurt

Lemon juice

Organic garlic paste



Smoked Paprika

Lemon juiced

White pepper

Sea salt

Mix well. Cut turkey into chunky cubes. Mix well with marinade then thread on metal skewers. Chill in fridge minimum 30minutes (preferably for 4hrs )

Place skewers on greased baking wire rack (*i  used coconut oil cooking spray) then spray top of skewers place wire rack over baking tray. Baked for 20 minutes in preheated oven 180*c . Keep skewers warm and wrapped until ready to serve.

I also baked the chips at the same time.

I have prepared the rest of the meal while it was baking.

Tabouli without buckwheat

Tomato, onion, fresh parsley,