Sauces: Bolognese

Inspired by Pete Evans simmer sauce

My this is my version and I used empty jars with labels on them.

Ingredients makes 3x jars

3/4 jar organic passatta

2 tomatoes diced

1/2 Brown onion

3 celery stalks diced

3 carrots died

3 bay leaves

1tsp organic garlic minced

2Tb dried basil

2Tb dried parsley

1Tb dried oregano

1Tb dried thyme

1Tb raw c coconut oil

Pinch sea-salt


Chop ingredient as listed

Place all ingredient into saucepan and cook until starts to boil. Stir occasionally so it doesn’t burn on bottom of the pan. Reduce heat to simmer and cook until vegetables are tender not mushy. Place into washed jars with organic lids and then cool and refrigerate until needed.

Can be used as spaghetti or pasta sauce, great with the pasta, fish, chicken or prawns. Use sauce with konjac spaghetti or pasta or lasagne sheets.

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