Recipe: Spinach & Egg fritata

Breakfast inspired by Pete Evans recipe. this is my version with what I had available.

Ingredients serves 1

1/4 red onion diced

1/2 tsp organic minced garlic

1 handful organic baby spinach

Lite pinch white pepper

Lite pinch sea-salt

1 tsp bone broth chicken

1 tsp Lactose free cream

1 organic egg

We’re with 1/2 sunblest sandwhich thin slice.


Dice the onion and garlic and add to a microwave safe large souffle size ramekin

Roll and chop spinach into thin strips and place on top of onion garlic.

Season with salt and pepper and add bone broth.

Mix in small  ramekin the cream with egg and beat egg until mixed then add on top of the other ingredients.

Microwave for 2 1/2 m i muted but stop each minute to rotate the ramekin.

I served mine with toasted thins sandwhich slices but you could serve with side salad or paleo toast