Day #261

Breakfast: microwave poached egg, microwave garlic mushroom and toasted ciabata bread

I am trying Lite n’ Easy lunch and dinner this week but not their menu as I’m sharing meals with hubby so mi

Morning tea: lavish crackers with smashed avocado and peach cup

Lunch :we are having different lunches

Hubby is having
lite n’ easy Moroccan salad (which has chickpeas mixed leaves carrot) with warm chicken & cous cous and yogurt dressing. (The yogurt dressing tasted same as the tzatiki) . He gave it a  8.5/10

i am having

My own keto friendly salad with chris lite tzatiki (see previous post)

Afternoon tea: Lite n Easy cheese,tomato and caramelized onion sandwhich

Dinner : Lite  n’ Easy coconut beef curry