Day #253

breakfast : organic mushroom , organic cherry tomatoes,  avocado , alfalfa, cleavers grass fed paleo sausages , nitrate free bacon, organic tomato relish

Lunch roast pork with roast vegetables and homemade gravy (parsnip, turnip, chat potato, carrot, zucchini, red onion)  fresh mint and organic mother’s earth Apple cider vinegar)

Dinner: crunchy asian coleslaw (wombok, daikon, red cabbage , asian greens, carrot,  shallots and crunchy noodles with kimchi mayo) served with pickled ginger and steamed miso fish (*cook fish in microwave steamer with miso paste on top of fish for 7min if raw fish or 10min if frozen)

Dessert: organic yogurt mixed berries

afternoon tea kombucha