Roast Pork Leg

Roast leg of pork was available this week so i decided to cook one and roast some vegetables. Made gravy and will steam green vegetables to go with it.

1.7kg roast pork boneless Serves 6-8

i season the meat lightly with sea-salt and pepper and rub 1 tb olive oil over both sides

Cooking times I allow for every kilo a 1 hour cook per kilo and have a extra tray with water when cooking as steam will keep meat moist, so if its say a 2kg roast i cook for 1 hr  at 200*c in preheated oven for 1st hour then turn oven down to 180*c for final hour (*add veges )then rest meat for 20-30 minutes wrapped in foil before carving.

* I add vegetables in separate tray with 1 tb olive oil and bake for the last 1 hour at 180*c. You can add herbs if you want to or some garlic. (Aldi had frozen roast vegetables and i just added 1 large parsnip