Gluten free alfredo & creamy mushroom sauce

Photo coming soon. Recipe follows

ingredients serves 2

1 x packet has no gluten- gluten free Alfredo pasta mix


creamy mushroom sauce;

1 small punnet mushrooms sliced (organic if you can get them)

1 Tb organic butter cubed

3 organic garlic cloves diced

1 lemon rind grated

2Tb lactose free cream cheese

1tb lactose free milk

1/4 cup lactose free grated cheese

1Tb parmesan grated

light pinch nutmeg

light pinch white pepper

*optional add 1/4 cup organic passata if you want creamy tomato and mushroom sauce and add 1 handful fresh basil.



mix all together in pan With pasta packet ingredients.

Simmer on low and stir until pasta is cooked to al dente.

serve with garden salad or with grilled chicken.