Chinese ginger sauce with celery

Recipe follows

Ingredients serves 2

2x 200g fish fillet boneless or prawns or chicken fillet

2 carrot sliced on diagonal with crinkle cutter

2 celery stalks sliced on diagonal

1 green shallot sliced on diagonal


Ginger sauce:

1tb organic ginger sliced or minced

1tb organic garlic minced

1/2 brown onion sliced

1tb sesame oil

1tsp gluten free cornflour mixed with 1tb warm water for slurry

1tsp broth of life chicken bone broth granules

lite pinch sea-salt

lite pinch white pepper

1cup water



cook fish or chicken in microwave steamer with water in bottom of steamer (10 min if frozen, 7 minutes if not frozen)

make sauce while waiting for fish/chicken.

chop ingredients as listed.

combine ingredients in small pot on low heat on stove.

stir until it begins to boil.

Remove sauce from heat.

add to hot wok with vegetables and fish/chicken or prawns and stir fry 2-3 minutes.

Vegetables should be cooked but crunchy not soggy.

Serve with or without steamed basmati rice or konjac rice.

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