Day #220

Breakfast was homemade greek feast. So good. Prawns in garlic and organic olive oil,  basmati cook in chicken stock with garlic, Greek salad with lettuce, olives, tomato, cucumber, organic feta, olive oil

Lunch: bahn mi inspired roll

Dinner: took all day to book table for new Korean bbq buffet at hellenic club  and finally got table booked. Was told $19 per head but when we arrived it was $80 for buffet dinner for 2 orIran’s we could pay ce x tra $20/hd for the bbq grill and it was cash only before you get shown to the table they wanted payment. so we cancelled booking and went to somewhere else.

So we ended up at San choi up the road. We shared entree and mains

Entree Thai net spring rolls (6) with sweet chili sauce, crying tiger entree


lemongrass chicken, king prawns in garlic with jasmine rice