Tip #03

Know flavour combinations

  • herbs or seasonings that go with meat fish poultry vegetables
  • sauces with meat fish poultry vegetables eggs
  • Know cuisines and what goes together eg basmati rice for indian, jasmine rice for thai, pasta for italian
  • Know not all asian sauces are the same eg thai oyster sauce is not same as chinese oyster sauce, lite soy or dark soy are used differently than indonesian kepjap manis which is a sweet soy. Coconut aminos can be substitued for soy or fish sauce for paleo/keto/lectin free cooking
  • gluten free and wheat free are not the same thing.
  • get familiar with different diets and restrictions for eg gluten free for caeliac or Ibs usually cant have eggs, lactose or dairy., AIP for autoimmune or lectin free for those who have inflammation issues,  halal is different method of preparing food too. You dont want to make guests sick or offended if they cant have something for legitimate reasons