Tip #02

My tips for presenting/styling food

  • serve food on different shaped or coloured plates eg afternoon or morning tea items cut square slices into triangles and serve on round plates, serve round food on square plates
  • serve sauces and condiments on the side in small sauce ramekins
  • Serve side salad in separate bowl to give more room on main plate
  • for main dish component try to use the plate like a clock eg serve meat at the hour (top of plate) to the 15 min mark on a plate, carbs at quarter to the hr,   Vegetables at quarter past the hour down to half hour mark (bottom of plate) sauce eg jus is around 10 past the hour
  • if you want to stick to correct portion sizes need to measure out ingredients eg 1/4 plate a palm size piece of meat fish or poultry, 100g meat for lunch, 200g meat dinner, 1/4 plate should be rice or pasta or carbs, nuts or seeds or fruit, 1/2 plate cooked vegetables or salad or raw vegetables.
  • Serve food on smaller plates so it looks like the plate is full. 20cm diameter is a dinner plate so use side plate.
  • Serve food with different shapes textures and colours, create height in middle of plate eg carrot with stem or ring stacked presentation
  • Black or white or slate charcoal plates highlight foods natural colour.
  • Its ok to have spaces around food.
  • Create curves or swirls with things like puree and sauces or straight lines off centre then fill in some of the larger gaps with food of a different colour or shape or height