Tip #01

At home its a little harder than in cafe/restaurant to serve food hot on cold winter day/night or summers boiling heat but here are some of my tips as restaurants have heat lamps keeping the pass warm.

  • serve hot food on warm plates this includes soup bowls
  • if you serve eg hot soup in cold bowls it cools soup down straight away and you end up with luke warm soup so if this happens reheat soup in cold bowl for 2 min in microwave it will be hot again.
  • to warm the plate heat oven 150*c keep warm or microwave setting plate warmer
  • serve cold food on chilled plates that have been chilled in fridge
  • serve salads in bowl with ice on another plate or bowl under salad bowl.
  • keep hot food in thermal containers with lids on in styrofoam boxes lined with towel for travelling. Wrap towels around thermal carrier they will keep container hot.
  • If you need to make sandwhiches or wraps ahead of time line tray with lettuce leaves then put sandwhiches on top and another layer of lettuce whole leaves to prevent them from drying out but also ensure they are buttered on both sides of the bread