Pressure cooker: Turkey chili Con Carne

Lectin free turkey con carne. If tomatoes (deseeded and skin off) capsicum/bell pepper (deseeded and skinned) and black beans are cooked in pressure cooker it destroys the Lectins which cause inflammation.

Ingredients serves 4

500g turkey mince
400g organic tomato without the skin and seeds
400g organic black beans drained (Mexican black bean not Chinese)
1 cup organic broth of life vegetable broth
1 organic red onion diced
2-3 organic garlic cloves diced
1tsp cumin
1tsp oregano
2 homegrown jalapeños
1tsp Mexican chili powder
1/2 cup organic passatta

Serve with

Organic basmati rice

1Tb lactose free cheese shredded, 2tsp salsa, 1tsp lite cream fraiche.


Chop vegetables to your liking.
Add all ingredients to pressure cooker.
Close lid and vent.
Cook for 25 minutes then release steam.

Serve between bowls. Top with cheese and microwave for 1 minute to melt cheese.