Day #198

breakfast: 1 homemade Paleo English muffin in a mug, 1 organic egg, 1 slice lactose free cheese, 2slices gluten-free ham, 1tsp organic tomato relish, 1cup kombucha

morning tea:1 small green banana (Lectin free if green)


lunch: 30g Gluten-free Bacon, 1 Slice lactose free cheese, 1 Gluten-free Tortilla/Wrap, 1Tb beetroot purée, 1 Handful mesclun, 5 cherry tomatoes,  1 orange, 1/2 cup organic yogurt


afternoon tea: 50g vegetable chips

Dinner:  Turkey Chili con carne*cooked in pressure cooker for Lectin free (Recipe follows in separate post)  with 1 cup salad includes  organic mesclun, organic cherry tomatoes , cucumber and lite French dressing. Serve con carne with lactose free cheese, salsa and lite cream fraiche and basmati rice.

Dessert : 1 peach cup