Day #192

Breakfast : miso soup, bento box

Bento box: pickled ginger, cucumber,mesclun, orange, seafood sticks with kewpie mayo, bbq chicken with Thai oyster sauce, egg (cooked in microwave for 40 seconds after lightly piercing top of yolk w fork so it didn’t explode).

Lunch: at a friend’s place: lemongrass chicken skewers from Aldi with rice and salad

Afternoon tea: sourdough with beet hummus, avocado  mesclun, tomato, kewpie mayo, chicken supreme deli meat and 1/2 orange

Dinner: surprised dinner date eat out at Mays Chinese/Thai Restaurant

Mixed Thai entree (hubby entree)

Satay chicken skewers (my entree)

Thai Garlic king prawns (my main)

Thai jungle curry chicken (hubby main)

Jasmine rice

Fried icecream with chocolate sauce (my dessert)

Cheesecake (hubby dessert)