Day #187

Breakfast Bacon & Egg, Avocado, tomato, paleo toast, tomato chutney

Earl grey tea

Day trip lunch at cafe : i asked for chicken schnitzel w salad and  chips but this is what I was  given. Hubby had the sweet potato chips with sour cream and sweet chili sauce and we had their “Schnitzel ” which was dry chicken grilled and overcooked.

So i still had to make Lunch when we got back : chicken  lettuce, tomato, cheese, kewpie mayo, tomato relish  wrap

Wraps were bottom packet


Entree: fresh spring roll #2

Dinner: sausage, curry sauce, stir fry vegetables and cooked basmati rice

Dessert : organic yogurt, berries, maple, chia seeds

Supper Cheese Plate #3