Soup Sunday

For church we did soup Sunday. Here is my contribution today.

Asian short soup

Ingredients serves 20

4 packets mini dim Sims (gluten-free)

3 Litres salt reduce chicken stock (Gluten-free Lactose free)

1 large organic carrot

1 medium organic red onion

1 celery stalk

13 baby bok Choi

1 bunch tatsoi (*i grew mine in Vegepod)

1/4 wombok shredded

2 organic green shallot

4 organic garlic clove diced

2cm organic ginger diced

Herbs 1/2 bunch of each fresh leaves: mint, basil, coriander with stalks



heat thermal serving container with boiling water to top with lid on until

service then remove water and add soup with lid on til service.


To make soup

Heat stock on stove in pot or wok with garlic ginger herbs onion carrot celery

Steam remaining vegetables and dim Sims for 10 minutes in bamboo Steamer over boiling water.

Add vegetables and dim Sims to stock and place in preheated thermal container with lid.

we served the soup in styrofoam cups with plastic spoons.

You could heat a pot with soup over gas cooktop if you don’t have thermal pot.