Breakfast Wrap Recipe

I have a few new ideas for wraps so I am making them for breakfast to alternate between the breakfast pies and egg cups.

Egg cup charcoal wrap


Ingredients Serves 1

1 Charcoal Wrap

1 Handful baby cos

1 small vine ripe tomato

1/4 Carrot grated

1/4 Avocado

1 egg cup




1 piece of foil slightly bigger than wrap

place wrap on foil.

place lettuce on bottom.

Slice tomato and place in wrap.

Grate carrot and place on top of tomato.

Slice avocado and place on top.

slice egg cup into thirds and place evenly between sliced avocado.

Fold ends then roll wrap.

Place in sandwich press until light indicates it’s cooked.

peel away foil cut wrap in half.