Breakfast: breakfast pies #1

Inspired by Youfoodz Breakfast pies this is my first homemade breakfast pies.

Ingredients serves 10 pies

3 Cleavers hotdog
1/4 red capsicum diced
1/8 leek diced
3 mushrooms diced
4 cherry tomatoes quartered
1tsp broth of life beef stock
1Tsp supreme chicken gravy powder
1Tb tomato sauce
1 pouch tomato paste
1/2 tin organic tomato crushed
2 cloves Garlic
1tsp Dijon mustard
1Tb Apple cider vinegar
1Tb Brown sugar
5 sheets puff pastry for 10 pies

cook ingredients in saucepan until cooked and thickened
Press pastry with pastry cutter
Spray pie maker with cooking spray
Place pastry disc in each pie maker hole
Place 2 Tb mixture in each pie crust
Then top with 2nd disc of pastry and close pie maker
Cook pies until pastry is cooked.