Day #161

Breakfast made by hubby: Miso soup with steamed mini dim sim



Morning Tea: Rest Cafe Figtree takeaway chocolate muffin each and a cappuccino for hubby

This was our first time here at this cafe in a convenience store. Seats were all gone by 1030am so we got takeaway. They do breakfast, soups, lunches, burgers, baked goods, coffee.  Muffin were large and a but crumbly to eat but loaded with lots of chocolate. Hubby said his coffee was average

Lunch: Youfoodz buffalo pizza and I served it with side salad of Vegepod fresh lettuce, Parmesan and lemon juice. I refreshed the pizza in oven for 10 min.

This week we are trying home delivery Youfoodz ready made meals which are refrigerated meals. They are also sold through Foodworks, IGA and Caltex servos in my local area. This was a lovely meal.

The salt content was way too much over 1000 mg for the meal which I hadn’t read before purchasing as it’s nearly my whole day intake. After checking out the ingredients I have now discovered that most of their meals are over 600mg per serve so my “healthy meals options “ that I didn’t need to cook are loaded with salt . :(. Back to cooking next week for me. Salt gives me fluid retention and heart issues.

Dinner: chicken lemongrass & coriander udon Soup