Tandoori Lamb & Vegetables Recipe

Tandoori Lamb & Vegetables serves 2

Tandoori Lamb & Vegetables


Ingredients serves 2

3 lamb steak

1Tb tandoori paste mixed with 1Tb coconut yogurt



1/4 leek

1 organic carrot

1 red capsicum

1 cup broccoli

3 baby corn spears cut into 3rds

1/2 organic cauliflower

1/2 punned cherry tomatoes halved

3 mushrooms sliced

water to prevent sticking on pan

cornflour slurry to thicken sauce

1Tb grapeseed oil



Mix tandoori paste and yogurt together and spread on steaks in air tight container

Marinate steaks overnight or minimum 2 hours but turn to coat at 1 hour

cook steaks for 2 minutes each side in frypan with oil

then add vegetables and remaining ingredients

cook stiring so it doesn’t burn until vegetables are cooked through

Options serve with basmati, pappadums or Naan or on its own