Dinner #146 Indian feast

Photo shows serve for 1.

Ingredients Feast for 2

1/2 packet pappadums

2Tb organic coconut yogurt with 2Tb fresh mint

salad: 1 tomato, 1 Handful mixed organic leaves, 1/4 cucumber, 1/2 lemon juiced with 1Tb grape seed oil

2Tb mango chutney

Rice; 1 cup raw basmati cooked with 2 cups water by absorption method 10 min in microwave


Tandoori chicken : 2 chicken breast fillet , 4Tb organic yogurt with 2 Tb medium tandoori paste mixed together then spread over both sides chicken , marinated 30 min, *cook in pan with grape seed oil until cooked through on both sides or grill

1 coles palak paneer pouch cooks in 2 min in microwave

1 coles Bombay potatoes pouch cooks in 2 min in microwave

No: Neither of us liked the paneer palak but rest was lovely. The pouches  were my new items found in supermarket this week as they were low sodium per serve.



marinate chicken

Cook rice

cook pouches

mix yogurt and mint together serve in 2 ramekins

serve with condiments each person gets own ramekin of each dish and condiments