Day #142

Breakfast : Chicken & Bacon Salad

To assemble:

place rocket diagonal down plate from opposite corners meeting in the middle.

Use peeler and peel strips of carrot until all used then roll into a rose and place on plate.  Repeat with each colour carrot. Fill middle of roses with shallots

Use a spiral cutter for the cucumber and place a spiral o round the middle rose.

Cut cherry tomatoes in half and place between each rose and two on each celery flower.

Cut celery on diagonal and fan out into petals either end of plate on opposite sides.

Panfry bacon bits and cook chicken then cut into cubes.

Sprinkle bacon over plate evenly.

Place cubes of chicken around two outer roses.

Drizzle ranch over top of the plate (not shown)

(1 of each organic carrot orange, yellow, purple, 1/4 cucumber, 3 cherry tomato, 1/2 stalk celery, 1/8 diced spring onion, 1 handful organic Rocket and 1 Tb ranch)

Lunch: Steamed fish with lemon & ginger served with panfried vegetables in chicken stock and garlic powder

Dinner: dinner out at Study curry beef and rice with broccolini.