Lasagna w Goat cheese & Konjac noodles

Goats cheese and creme fridge replace the normal bechamel sauce.

Ingredients serves 4


500g grass fed minced beef

1 clove Garlic organic diced

1 carrot organic

1 onion organic

1 stalk celery organic

1 cup beef bone broth

1Tb Worcestershire sauce gluten-free

2Tb lite cranberry juice

1 Tb mother’s earth apple cider vinegar

1 Tb cooking wine

1Tb maple syrup

2 Tb Tomato sauce

3 fresh tomato diced

Other ingredients not in sauce:

1 packet Konjac lasagna noodles

30g organic goat cheese crumbled

1 tub creme fraiche

2Tb grated Parmesan to top at end


cook mince with sauce ingredients in pot until mince is cooked through then turn heat to simmer and simmer for 30minutes (longer if you have time until sauce reduce to a thicker jammer sauce)

Rince lasagna noodles under water

place 1-2 Tb mince sauce on bottom of lasagna dish then top with 3/4 mince mixture

another layer lasagne noodles followed by crumble goat cheese and creme fraiche spreadevenly over lasagne noodles. Then add another layer of noodles then the rest of sauce and finish with Parmesan cheese

bake in preheated oven 180*c for 20 minutes

serve with tossed green salad with lemon juice or lite French dressing