Day #127

My breakfast: everything is organic: mixed salad leaves, golden beets, rosemary & garlic with purple carrots, roasted capsicum, parsley and goats cheese

Hubby had Curried sausages and egg with garden salad for his breakfast today. (Sorry but I didn’t get Photo)

This week we are mixing things up a bit and having our dinner at lunch and a lighter dinner later.

Breakfast for hubby is something cooked. For me I will have whatever’s going on the day re my breakfast.

Hubby’s snacks at work are organic fruit, nuts, crackers with almond butter and organic jam, bliss balls

Lunch : yellow curry sausages & organic vegetables with basmati rice. ( hubby had his sausages at breakfast so it was the same meal for him with the curried vegetables and rice)

Dinner: Purple & yellow carrot soup, bonito soy tuna w steamed greens

Bonito soy Tuna Steak


1 Tb bonito soy,

1 large organic orange juiced

1/2 large organic lemon juiced

2 handfuls fresh organic parsley,

1 large clove organic garlic crushed,

14 capers,

20g organic butter



make marinade in zip lock bag then shake well

adding tuna steak to bag and coat both sides for a minimum 30 minutes

cook 5 minutes on each side *and don’t forget to sear the ends on hot grill,

*baste with marinade while cooking

Serve with Asian greens or tossed green mixed leaf salad