Day #125

Breakfast platter for two #2

Breakfast platter for two #2


Ingredients serves 2

8 Cleavers chipolatas
2 organic free range eggs
2 Tb tomato sauce
100g organic baked beans
1 handful mixed leaves
1 small avocado

garnish fresh parsley


Cook chipolatas in non stick skillet serve in two ramekins
Place sauce divide between two Asian soup spoons
Cook eggs in egg rings to your liking
Place baked beans in two ramekins and microwave for 1 minute
Cut avocado in half and serve between two sauce ramekins


baked organic fennel & organic tomato, steamed fish & organic apple with sweet chili sauce

Afternoon tea: share platter for two (see separate post for recipe)

Chili chicken stir fry

Dinner cooked by hubby