Dinner #124

Tonight we cooked dinner together:


homemade burger with organic golden beets


ingredients serves 2

1/2 organic onion

2 x 150g Grass-Fed beef burger patties

4 pickled cucumber/gherkin

1 Organic golden beets (oven baked)

1 handful Vegepod fresh lettuce

2 small organic tomatoes

2 Lactose free cheese slice

2Tb tomato sauce/ organic ketchup

4 slices soy and linseed bread *can be substituted paleo bread

100g straight cut oven gluten-free chips

Coconut oil cooking spray

chicken salt or sea salt for seasoning chips



preheat oven 180*c

Spray tray with cooking spray and place chips on then spray tops

cook for 20 min for soft chips or 30 minutes for crunchy


make burger

cut tomato and onion into slices, slice cucumbers lengthwise.

cook patties with cooking spray

chop onion into rings and add to pan with patties.

Toast bead on separate tray in oven for 3 minutes then top one half with cheese and bake further 2 minutes then remove to serving plate

place toast that doesn’t have cheese on it on plate

spread with ranch then top with lettuce

add tomato, cooked beets, gherkin, then the patty and sauce

then place cheese toast on top

season chips with chicken salt or sea salt