Day #120

I love experimenting with different ideas not just recipes but presentation of food.

I am calling these my Tasting Platters for one.

A great way to use up ingredients before grocery day.

Breakfast/Morning tea Tasting Platter for one – #1:

bliss balls


parsley & black pepper organic cherry tomatoes

cleavers hotdogs

Organic tomato relish

Organic carrot


black olives

pickled ginger

organic Mushroom

kale from Vegepod


ranch Dressing

10 minutes steamed fish and chips in microwave steamer


Lunch : steamed fish and chips with homemade seafood sauce (no egg vegan mayo mixed with sriracha, Worcestershire gluten-free sauce, white pepper, sea salt)

Dinner: panfried steak, mushroom sautéed, caramelised onion, baby carrots, Vegepod kale, broccoli, cherry tomato with parsley, homemade beef gravy (beef juices from pan, butter, beef bone broth, tomato sauce, Worcestershire, cranberry juice, balsamic vinegar, organic honey, rosemary and garlic powder)