Dinner #114

Entree: hot Spring rolls, Thai fish cakes Main: Priking curry Pork with Jasmine Rice, Pad Thai chicken

House of Thai Tea Gardens . First time we have been here.

They were booked out with regulars and holiday makers and lots of takeaway orders. We got a table on the veranda with swarm of mozzies from the pond in front of us. Entree’s were so hot eg mouth burning from oven heat. I got my main and hubbies never arrived. I had to eat mine as it was only lukewarm when it arrived. I finished mine and they had forgotten him. So I asked what the delay was and waitress was very apologetic and then it was still another 15 min wait while they cooked it.


We shared the entree’s

4 spring rolls minced chicken, vermicelli, vegetables, chili sauce)

4 thai fish cakes ( minced fish, green beans, red curry paste, kaffir lime leaves serve with cucumber sauce)

We chose our own mains


priking curry pork- priking curry sauce, green beans, carrot, capsicum and pork

jasmine rice – I only ate half and was full.


pad thai chicken – rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, peanut, dry onion, cabbage, garlic chives, chicken