Dinner #107

Tonight it’s home made burgers and oven baked chips

Homemade burger & chips


Ingredients serves 2

2 meat patties (*grass fed if you can get them)

1/2 cup organic dry slaw with 1 Tb organic eggfree mayo

8 slices beetroot

1 Avocado mashed

2Tb organic tomato relish

4 slices soy & lindseed bread (*can be swapped with paleo bread)

250g straight cut frozen chips

Coconut oil Cooking spray



Preheat oven 180*C and line baking tray with foil.

Spray chips on both side-saddle bake for 30 minutes

Spray non stick skillet with cooking spray

Cook patties flip at half way mark and add 1 Tb water to skillet at half way mark.

When flipped place saucepan lid on patties. Cook to your liking.

Meanwhile prepare slaw by mixing  it with the mayo.

Mash the  avocado

Toast the bread and spread bottom half of burger toast with avocado

Add 4 slices beetroot.

Then add slaw and patty.

Top with relish and remaining toast.

Serve with hot chips