Dinner #103

Oven baked in one tray and fresh salad from my Vegepod

 Vegepod salad with balsamic dressing


Ingredients serves 2

4 Cleavers organic beef sausages

2 handfuls straight cut frozen chips

1Tb olive oil for baking


Vegepod salad:

1 cucumber from Vegepod

6 cherry tomatoes homegrown

6 organic cherry tomatoes bought

1 Vegepod lettuce

1 handful mixed organic leaves

1 small redonion

15g organic brie



1 Tb olive oil

1Tb organic honey fresh from local orchard

1Tb Balsamic Vinegar



Preheat oven 180*c

on oven tray, line with foil and sprinkle olive oil evenly over foil

add chips and mix well then place on one end of the pan

place sausages in other end of tray and turn in oil

bake for 15 minutes then turn chips and sausages

bake further 15 minutes


Meanwhile slice cucumber.

cut bought cherry tomatoes in half

and slice onion in rings

Add with leaves and lettuce to salad bowl

slice cheese then halve again (crouton size)and add to bowl

mix salad

then drizzle over dressing in salad and mix well

divide between 2 plates

and serve with hot sausages and chips

optional: sprinkle sea salt lightly over chips

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