Dinner #102

My dear hubby brought home a bbq chook to help with dinner, so I made this nice ginger Asian soup to use up some vegetables before delivery arrives next week of organic fresh. It also means we will have enough chicken leftover for the weekend meals.

Asian Ginger Chicken & Vegetable Soup

Ingredients serves 2

1 bbq chicken breast fillet skinless shredded

2 bok Choi small sliced

2 green onions sliced

1 organic carrot sliced on diagonal

2 celery stalks sliced on diagonal

2Tb organic ginger minced

2 tsp organic garlic minced or use a sprinkle of garlic powder if you don’t have fresh

2 cups bone broth leftover

Garnish options  coriander or sliced red chili



Cut each item as listed and divide by half,

Place each ingredient between 2 microwave  soup bowls

top with ginger p, garlic and broth.

microwave for 2 minutes on high.



This meal can be prepared in advance in the soup bowls without adding broth and chicken and without cooking it.

Cover bowls with cling film in fridge. Keep chicken in separate sealed container with lid so it’s not cross contamination with the vegetables until ready to eat.

Then when you are ready to eat add chicken and broth and cook as directed.