Lunch #94

Using up leftovers and my organic vegetables have arrived. So fresh and tasty! Half for lunch today and rest will be my breakfast tomorrow. 

Thai inspired Brisket Salad


Ingredients serves 2

1 slice slow cooker brisket leftovers

1Tb coconut amino teriyaki sauce



1 handful fresh organic mixed leaves

1/4 handful fresh organic baby spinach

1 organic carrot

1 celery stalk

1/4 red capsicum



1 organic green shallot

1 handful fresh organic coriander

serve with 1Tb Thai sweet chili sauce



slice on diagonal : celery, shallot.

peel and ribbon carrot with peeler

cut capsicum into strips then half

mix salad ingredients in bowl then place on serving plate.

Slice  brisket into strips then reheat in microwave bowl for 1 min 30 seconds

mix with teriyaki sauce and place down middle of platter

drizzle over remaining teriyaki sauce and half the sweet chili sauce

place remaining sweet chili sauce is ramekin serve on platter.