Catering: yellow curry sausages for 20

This is the same as yellow curry sausages dinner from last week just in bulk for 20 people. Photo taken without sausages added.

Cost $2.32 per head with sausages or $1.93per head without sausages

Ingredients serves  20

3 large onion diced

6 large carrot sliced on diagonal with crinkle cutter

4 stalk celery cut on diagonal with crinkle cutter

7 Tb Yellow curry paste

5 tsp tamarind paste

5 tsp Thai fish sauce

2 Tb brown sugar (For Lectin-free use sugar substitute)

3Tb raw organic sugar

5 Tb Indian curry powder (* if you want a spicy hot curry use madras powder if not use traditional Indian as it’s mild)

5Tb Tamari gluten-free sauce (For Lectin-free use coconut amino)

5Tb gluten-free plain flour (for Lectin-free use substitute flour)

750 ml coconut cream

500 g tub coconut yogurt

10 Tb water

1Tb arrowroot powder

sea salt and black pepper to lightly season

*24 Thin sausages cooked (then chop into 6 pieces each sausage)* or sub with 21/2 kg cubed chicken or beef

1Tb oil to sauté vegetables


Chop vegetables as listed and add sauté until onion is translucent in frypan with 1Tb oil.

then add with all other ingredients except sausages to slow cooker and mix well for 2 hrs on high cook sausages in frypan and chop into 6 pieces per sausage before adding sausages to slow cooker  (*chicken or beef) and mix well then cook in slow cooker for another 2 hours on high before serving.

Serve with steamed rice (can use plain or jasmine or Indian basmati riceor shirataki rice )